I provide studio sessions and remixing services for DJ’s, Producers and labels in NZ and around the world. I can engineer a track for you royalty free or we can then release, launch and sell it via our website and share the royalties together 

Andrew/Manik was really easy to work with, he has a tonne of samples and sounds to work with, plus the knowledge and know-how to create exactly what you’re looking for from scratch.

Matt Adam

Hard House DJ & Producer

Manik is a one man machine when it comes to producing tunes, and is excellent at understanding the concept and vibe that they other person is trying to achieve when he is engineering with them. I found him energetic, enjoyable and fun to work with. He understands how all the sounds fit together, and helps shape the tune into something listenable very quickly.

Kyle Donegan

Hard House DJ & Producer

Speed does not always equal quality… that statement is most definitely NOT TRUE with Manik. Andrew’s sublime production skills are sometiing I’ve not encountered with anyone else Ive worked with, and the speed at which he can go from concept to finished tune is almost scary. It’s been a pleasure to work on tunes with him in the past and look forward to more in the future.

Richard Penny (RP)

Hard House DJ & Producer

Working with Andrew in the studio is insightful, intriguing and educational. Andrew’s knowledge of both sound design and audio production is at an expert level.  I was looking to learn more about music production in my sessions, and Andrew took the time to patiently and thoroughly explain what he was doing and the impact and effect it would have on the sound.  I would highly recommend Andrew, especially if you want a more technical understanding of music production.

Dave Malcolm (OI)

Hard House DJ & Producer

Andrew is a master with engineering. We started a tune early morning, and by the end of the night it was club ready and signed by a label in the UK. He’s got a gift. Jump into the studio with him and see it for yourself.


Hard House DJ & Producer

I produced a track with Manik in his studio in Auckland. I was in awe of his process and creativity. His passion is so obvious and he has the ability to take an idea and translate it into something really interesting and unique. There is no doubt Andrew is
world class and I highly recommend him for any collabs and engineering projects

David Ding

Hard House DJ & Producer

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